Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Groups, Communities and Networks - summary of my notes and references

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Thought that I would put my a summary of my research notes on groups, communities and networks somewhere online to keep safe. I made a very short PowerPoint presentation incorporating some video resources that I had used and links of reference and then I tried out some different options. SlideShare was discounted, as payment was needed for an upgrade to use media files. Then I remembered that Sharon had used SlideRocket for the module 1 presentation. SlideRocket was very accommodating and I was impressed with the functions. Once I had uploaded my PowerPoint to SlideRocket, I needed to add the media again. On the negative side, I was unable to upload a Google Video that I had used as a reference (not sure why). Also, I was not able to re-size the media boxes to fit my page design. I did think about using Google Docs but thought I'd try something new.
What was meant to be a quick upload of a PowerPoint of my notes turned into a bit of a learning curve. Here’s the public Slide share link

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